Kelly Felder (Bringing back an old post from December)

4:43 PM

Hello everyone!
I'm bringing back this old post from December about my visit to Kelly Felder which I thought of re-posting since it's Valentine's day and they have their new "valentine kollection" out. You can check out the valentine kollection here >

I had been so busy last December with office work and preparing Christmas hampers and somehow between the endless rounds of tea and taping myself in the process of wrapping them (I finally managed to wrap presents in a decent way) I was able to do some shopping at the Kelly Felder store in Colombo. I knew of this brand as I had previously purchased a great pair of jeans from when some of their products were available at Odel. But this was the first time I went to the store located at Dharmapala Mawatha. I was pleasantly surprised by the diversity of clothing they had, from crop tops and chic office wear to beautiful dresses and in a wide range of sizes. I also spotted some trendy camo jeans and leggings. I ended up buying a polka-dot top for casual wear, a pair of printed pants for office wear and a printed dress which my friend got for me.

Top-Kelly Felder $6.85 /Jeans-Splash

Top-Odel/ Pants-Kelly Felder $18.46

Dress-Kelly Felder $20/ Heels- Saffans

For more information you can check their website-
or their Facebook page-

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