Review: Meis Eye shadow Palettes

6:12 AM

Hey everyone!
This is my second review and the products I’m reviewing today are 2 of the eye shadow palettes by Meis. This is a product I’ve never used before and I just bought this because I wanted few shades of black and brown eye shadow for an event. The cost of one palette is Rs. 220 which is about 1.68 US dollars which is VERY cheap.


The packaging itself is quite nice although the colors cannot be seen properly until the lid is opened. Each palette comes with an applicator. image

I bought the palettes number 05 which has shades of brown and number 06 which has shades of black. The brown palette had more matte shades and the black palette had more shimmer in the shades. However I liked the fact that there were two black shades: one with a shimmer and the other with a more matte effect.

Number 05 palette:
1-Pale pink
3-Nude color (although it looks more bronze)
4-Ashy brown
5-Dark brown
6-Moss color

Number 06 palette:
1-Light blue
3-Dark blue
4-Black with a shimmer
5-Spruce color
6-Matte black

The colors are quite nice but some of the colors especially the lighter shades require a couple of applications before the actual color is seen. They didn’t last a long time after application and the packaging itself hasn’t claimed to do so. It also came off easily with just makeup wipes.

Would I buy this product again?:
I think the palettes are great for travelling as they are quite small and can come in handy for quick fixes. Since it is actually quite cheap I wouldn’t mind buying the brown palette again.

Rating (out of 5): ❤❤

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