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Hello everyone,
It feels like ages since I've written a blog post. I just wanted to take some time off to finish my final examinations for this semester and just to spend some time with my family. I feel like this year has gone by really fast and a definite highlight for me this year was connecting with you through my blog. So I didn't want to stay away from blogging for too long. There's a lot going on at the moment especially since Christmas is just around the corner. In the midst of preparing hampers and driving lessons, I finally found some time to catch up with you.

Part of the reason why Christmas is so exciting is obviously because of all the presents. I remember getting my first Christmas hamper which had tons of chocolates, Christmas crackers ( I used to call them- bon-bons), my first set of Maped color pencils/peps (remember how they were the best back then?) and the book Treasure Island (love adventure fiction). Since this time around there's tons of sales and offers, most of you may have already started shopping for gifts. So I thought it would be quite nice to go through some limited edition collections in terms of makeup so that I can talk to you about it. When  I received a mail about the new Sleek 24k Gold collection I was thrilled. They have a 24k Gold gift set that is available for just $34.99 which is a fantastic price. The set includes:

*i-Lust Eyeshadow Palette in The Gold Standard
*Glitter Me Lip Gloss in Private Jet
*Midas Touch Highlighting Palette
*Makeup Bag

I've never purchased anything from Sleek before so I just ordered 2 items to test them out and to see if I liked them. I originally wanted to get the vintage romance eye shadow palette, but the moment I saw The Gold Standard palette I just thought it would be a better investment. I love a bit of shimmer on the eyes especially this festive season. I'm not a huge fan of glittery lip glosses so I opted to not purchase the entire gift set. For the price of $11.49 considering it is a limited edition palette I could not complain. I will upload a complete review of this soon, so you'll have to stay in touch to find out whether I think it would be a great stocking filler. So far, I've been really enjoying the colors. It has four silky shimmer powder shadows and two of the cream formula ones. It basically covers all shimmers from gold to copper to champagne and has a lovely dark burgundy shade (cue the sound of angels singing for this one). This is pretty much the answer to all your shimmery needs. 

Before I saw their new collection, I had already added their Eye and Cheek Palette in Dancing Til Dusk to my wishlist. When the price of this was slashed to $7.50 I promptly added it to my cart. It includes 4 eye shadows from their Au-Naturel i-Divine palette. It has two mattes- a beige and a brown and two shimmers- champagne and brown. The combination I think is great for minimal makeup looks and for everyday wear and you can add a bit of the shimmery colors to switch up the look for night time occasions. It also has two blushes in Mirrored Pink and Sahara. If there's one thing I knew about Sleek prior to my purchase, that is that their blushes are phenomenal. I can definitely see why that is true.The mirrored pink is so beautiful but I don't know how well it will work on my skin tone. It might look more like a highlight but regardless I'm just in awe of the color.  The other blush is called Sahara and it is just a beautiful matte orange color. I think this one will be perfect for summer. The palette includes a blush brush and a sponge applicator. Sadly this palette is no longer available to purchase from their website. 
I placed my order on the 29th of October and since it usually takes a couple more weeks than the expected delivery date I assumed I will be receiving this mid December. To my surprise I got it early, last Monday (16th of November). I have put off purchasing eyeshadow palettes online for so long, because I feared  (thanks to all the photos available on Instagram) that the eye shadows may crack and fall apart during the delivery. I'm so glad it hasn't happened with these two palettes, so many thanks to Sleek for taking great care in their packaging and delivery of their products.  

What's great about shopping with Sleek is that 
1. The prices are fantastic (who doesn't love great quality products for less).
2. They have items at reduced prices and not just during the festive season (a. k. a. Secret sales).
3. They ship fast compared to the other places I've made my purchases from and their shipping prices are easy on the wallet (USD 3.00 to ship to Sri Lanka).
4. The website is safe  and the products are shipped safely (gotta love that bubble wrap).
5. I saved the best for last-you get a 10% off the first purchase.

Let me know if you have tried any products by Sleek by leaving a comment down below. Hope you enjoyed reading this post and hope you have a great weekend!

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