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I can't believe that we're well into November already. Time just flies. I will be 22 on November 29th and I'm more excited about being able to sing 22 by Taylor Swift and mean it. 'Happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time' seems like the perfect description of hitting this major milestone. Before I get carried away by my over-enthusiasm, I wanted to share with you some of my favorites from the month of October. 

I certainly have gone way over budget with my purchases last October so obviously I have quite a number of favorite products. The first being the Blemish Battling Duo from the Tea Tree Range by The Body Shop. Surely my review speaks for itself. I have been using these two products for the past month and I absolutely love them. If you've got Oily/Combination skin and blemishes these two will work wonders for your skin. 

I have also been loving the Pink Lotus Almond Intensive hand cream by Spa Ceylon. This has been a handbag staple for the past month and I love using this product at night. I received a free sample of their Ceylon Tea & Ylang hand cream with last month's Cosmopolitan magazine. I didn't enjoy the smell of that one, but it was so moisturizing so I decided to get the Pink Lotus one. It is described as "a natural soothing treatment enriched Lotus Honey to help soothe, calm & care for skin after harsh skin exposure." It is also Paraben and Paraffin Free, Vegan, and Not Tested On Animals.

One of my favorite ways to spend my Sundays for the past month has been lighting a candle and playing some classic rock music while reading. On a visit to the home ware department at Odel, which by the way has an incredible selection of items to Pinterest-ify your home, I picked up this Gardenia scented candle produced by Celestine Candle Company. By no means is this an Autumnal scent but it is so refreshingly beautiful.

I picked up the book The Boston Girl by Anita Diamant last September. It was an incredibly enriching experience reading this, since it is in an autobiographical format, with the protagonist recalling her life story for her grand daughter in the most honest and telling way. There is so much wisdom that's passed on, that I feel like this is a must read for any woman, or human, even.

My favorite beauty product has definitely been the nude lip liner by Lord & Berry. It was a travel liner that was a part of an offer from Cult Beauty. I definitely overuse my Blackcherry by Revlon especially during autumnal nights which is a dark berry-wine color. So to balance that, I love using a more wearable nude/ natural shade especially during day. This is the one that I have been going back to over and over during the past month. 

I certainly need to upgrade my eye makeup so if you have any recommendations, do let me know in a comment down below along with your October Favorites. 

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Pink Lotus Almond Intensive Handcream by Spa Ceylon
Gardenia Scented Candle from Celestine Candle Company
The Boston Girl by Anita Diamant
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