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Hello everyone,
Happy Monday to all of you! It's finally November and I'm turning 21 in exactly 27 days. The countdown is ON, haha. Today I'll be doing a review on the Jordana Fabu Liner in No. 01- Black. Some time back I was searching for a good felt-tip liner as I find they are the easiest to work with. Since I love winged eyeliner looks, a felt-tip liner pen is a must-have for me. I went through some reviews about drugstore liners and I found that many people raved about this liner. So if this is your go-to drugstore liner, I hope you won't get offended by this review. This is purely my experience with it. Anyway I picked this one up at Srina Palace. The cost of this eyeliner was Rs. 690. The best thing about this liner is probably its availability here in Sri Lanka.

Claims :
 Felt-Tip Precision/ No Skipping or Dragging/ Convenient & Easy to Use/  Dramatic Eye Definition

Packaging :
It comes in a black packaging with the name of the brand, name of the product and color in gold. The tip is fine and can create fine as well as bold lines. The only problem with the tip on this one is that it is a bit stiff and it tugs on my skin which can be somewhat painful. I think it has gradually improved with time and frequent use. The ingredient list is mentioned on their website which I will link down below. 

Wear :
It has a smell of that of a whiteboard marker, not too overpowering but it's definitely noticeable once you open the cap. When I first got this I was so surprised by the color, it wasn't as pigmented as I liked it to be. When I started using it I felt a bit of a sting as well, which made me believe that I might actually be allergic to it. Recently, I have started using this more and I can see that it has improved in terms of pigmentation and ease of application, compared to how it was before. But it is still not as dramatic and bold as I would prefer it to be.  It is not waterproof nor does it claim to be. It doesn't leave a tint behind unlike the Essence one ( ) which is great. Over all it lasts about 2-3 hours (at most) on my lids alone without primer/ eye shadow, depending on how much product I apply. In the picture down below I'm not wearing any primer or eye shadow just to show you the nature of the eyeliner. Also because there are days when I go for the eyeliner alone without wanting to put on any eye shadow and on those days I certainly won't be reaching out for this one.

I have used the Fabu Liner only to do the top winged line and the bottom waterline was lined with a kohl pencil.
Should you get it? :
 I love Jordana products but to be honest this product gets a thumbs-down from me. I did not get the results I wanted with the pigmentation nor the lasting power. So unless you want to try it out for yourself, I do not recommend investing on this one.

Have you tried the Jordana Fabu Liner? Let me know your thoughts about it in a comment below.

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