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It was not long ago that an invite popped into my inbox about the new releases from The Body Shop Sri Lanka. 'Skin Guardians have arrived in the city!', it read and I was so excited to join them for an exclusive preview of the products. So on a rainy morning on the 5th of November I headed on to their main store located in the Fairline Building. 

Photo Credit: The Body Shop
There was a clear theme of pink running throughout the store, from the guests dressed in pink to the pink daisies and lilies, right down to the pink cupcakes and macaroons. A white chair decorated with a pair of angel wings took center stage and all of us took turns sitting on it and getting photographed. I assure you we all felt an extra bit special that morning. 

After a little bit of mingling and talking about each other's favorite The Body Shop products, we were briefed on their new release- Skin Defence Multi Protection Essence with SPF 50.  
  • It helps protect skin from UVA rays, including long UVA rays, which reach deep within the skin and accelerate the process of skin ageing. 
  •  It also provides UVB protection: SPF 50 helps protect skin from UVB rays that trigger redness and damage the skin’s surface. 
  • As an anti-oxidant it helps protect skin from external aggressors such as environmental pollution that weakens the skin’s ability to remain healthy.
  • Anti-dullness: With red algae extract and vitamin C to brighten skin for a more luminous complexion.
How to use:
Apply onto face and neck, and gently massage onto skin every morning after your daily moisturiser, before applying make-up. Avoiding the eye area, this product is best applied as part of your morning regime, or before exposure to UV.

I love the way they showcased the Vitamin E range. You already know how I feel about their Vitamin E sorbet. So to see the range of products they have produced without animal testing, and supporting community fair trade was awe-inspiring. 

Apart from the new releases I also noted that they have brought down the darkening and whitening drops for foundation. Mental note to myself: Pick up the darkening drops to avoid going out with mismatched makeup (that is, face lighter than the rest of the body: Not Cute!). 


I completely enjoyed this visit, not just the exclusive preview, but thanks to The Body Shop, I also met some other bloggers with whom my interactions were limited to social media. Thank you for bringing us together and also thank you for the gift. I will be posting my review of the Skin Defence Multi Protection Essence and Vitamin E moisture cream after testing them out thoroughly. 
Til then here's a picture of the cupcakes that were offered to us. How glorious does that pink buttercream look? 

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Have you checked out the new releases by The Body Shop yet? If so, let me know your thoughts and experience in a comment below. 

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