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A year ago in October I happened to be at Odel and I saw the new The Body Shop outlet there. I couldn't help myself so I happened to pick up a shower gel, to test the waters. Having not tried anything by them I was both intrigued and curious to see what this brand had to offer to their Sri Lankan customers. Little did I know that this little product would ultimately create a deep craving for more of such quality skincare products by The Body Shop. Last month I was very kindly gifted their new additions to the Tea Tree Range. Needless to say I was glad to try these products out and review them for you. 
I feel as though I need to put a disclaimer; while these products may have been offered to me, my review represents my experience with these products, the good and the bad, as it is. 

 The Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution

Priced at Rs. 4400


A lightweight, pre-serum concentrate that combats blemishes and improves the overall condition of skin. After 4 weeks, skin looks and feels:
Soothed, with reduced redness and imperfections

 How to use:
After 2-3 drops onto fingertips and massage all over face. Apply morning and evening after cleansing and before your daily moisturiser. 


The product is packaged in a deep green, modernized apothecary-esque glass bottle with a dropper to dispense the solution. On first glance it looks beautiful and luxurious. Since it is a glass bottle it isn't ideal for traveling.

My experience:

I used this every morning before my moisturizer and every night after cleansing before I hit the bed.  I found the product to be mild enough to use it on both day and night on a daily basis. 
The product itself is a clear liquid which is watery and very lightweight. I was almost too afraid to try it at first because I expected a thicker, more concentrated product. Instead I found this brilliant, non-greasy formula that is easy to distribute across the face and fast-absorbing. I used two-three drops and patted them on my blemishes and areas that had excess oil.

This product was so mild on my skin, I didn't experience any irritation or burning when I applied it on my face. What I noticed immediately was how it made my skin more mattified being true to its claims. Usually when skin care products bear the words 'mattified' I run in the opposite direction, because it means they strip off any moisture in the skin. However with this product I experienced my oily-combination skin becoming more mattified without completely drying up my face. 
Three or four days into it, I didn't experience a lot of clearing of my blemishes, so I was like 'meh'. I kept on using the product regardless because they did recommend using it continuously for 4 weeks to see the best results. The second week of using it is when I saw the most changes (which now that I read the box as I write this review is true to it's claims of improving appearance of skin after 7 days). I noticed that my blemishes were getting lighter especially the more prominent blemishes on my chin, which have annoyed me forever. 

Having completed four weeks, I'm so so glad I kept on using the product because I LOVE the way my skin looks now. It cleared the darkened blemishes and my skin looks so much more brighter and healthier. I haven't used any other new product other than these two for the past four weeks, so there's nothing else to attribute the change to. I am a person who finds it so difficult to stick to a routine even when it comes to skin care, so using this religiously is proof enough to attest to how good this product is. 

3 in 1 Wash Scrub and Mask

Priced at Rs. 3400


A 3-in-1 product which can be used as a wash, a scrub or a mask to combat blemishes and excess oil.:
When used as a wash, the foaming clay removes impurities and excess oil 
As a scrub, the exfoliants unclog pores, smooth skin’s surface and reduce the appearance of blackheads 
When applied as a mask, the drying clay reduces blackheads and shine, deeply cleanses, mattifies and tightens pores

How to use: 
1. As a wash: Wet face with lukewarm water. Apply to the face in circular motions until the mud foams. Then rinse off. Can be used daily. 
2. As a scrub: Massage gently onto damp skin in circular motions. Focus on the T-zone. Add more water until the mud foams, then rinse off. Can be used 2-3 times per week. 
3. As a mask: Apply thin layer to dry face, avoiding the eye area. Leave for 5-10 minutes. Then add water until the mud foams, and rinse off. Can be used 1-2 times per week. 

The product is packaged in a sleek dark green matte tube with a black lid. I prefer this tube packaging over a pot because I find that masks that come in a pot often dry out quickly. 

My experience:

Who doesn't love a good multi-tasker right? Products like these which can act as multi-taskers in a beauty regime, not only saves space on my vanity but also on my carry-on for traveling. This product has a strong scent but thankfully it doesn't linger for too long. The consistency of the product is thick and had granules for exfoliation.

Since everyone is getting into face masks, I tried this product as a mask first. I was worried about the Kaolin clay in this product as my skin didn't react so well, to the one of the Kaolin masks I had used before. I'm glad this product didn't cause any irritation or weird bumps on my face. In my experience, applying a thick layer results in the product not drying out the way a mask normally does, so a thin layer does the trick.  The mask dries down within 3-4 minutes and I left it on for 10 minutes as recommended. On first try, I could definitely tell that my skin was instantly mattified, living up to its claims. I felt like my face was very clean after using it and that it certainly tightened my pores, which is an added advantage. 

As a scrub I used it as recommended on my damp skin. As a general practice, I don't use a scrub more than once a week, but this was gentle enough to use it twice or thrice. Especially after a long day of traveling, I love using this product before bed time, so that it unclogs my pores and leaves my skin feeling smoother and purified. There was no greasy residue left on my face by the time I was done scrubbing. Overall I love this product as a scrub.

Since I had a lot of weddings to attend the past month, it meant that my face was going to be covered with heavy coverage foundation more often than not. I usually use face wipes to remove my makeup, which of course isn't ideal. Often enough heavy coverage foundation results in rapid breakouts on my face the day after application and I have to wait til my skin condition gets better to cake my face again. As an avid makeup fan this is the most annoying thing to happen. I have been using this product as a scrub and mask and for the longest time didn't have much use for it as a face wash, other than to use it on a daily basis. It was out of curiosity that I decided to try it to remove the excess makeup on my face. Of course I used facial wipes before hand to take off the majority of the makeup (I do NOT recommend using this product on the face directly as a makeup remover). I found that my breakouts had significantly decreased. This is not to say that I don't have breakouts anymore and my skin looks flawless. What I mean, is that I haven't seen results this great with any other face wash or cleanser I have used.

Do I recommend the products?:
Initially I was prepared to recommend purchasing the anti-imperfection solution, because I for one, am obsessed with it. It has cleared my blemishes like no other product has and I hope they never ever discontinue this product. But after having tried out both products thoroughly, I have to recommend both because these are just #SquadGoals. These two products are for those of you who have Oily/ Combination skin. Especially for those of you who are prepared to bid farewell to blemishes. The Body Shop has samples of the wash.scrub.mask. if you want to test it before investing in it.

For more Info check out: 
The Body Shop FaceBook Page 

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Let me know what you think of these products if you've tried them in a comment down below.
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Much love

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