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Hello everyone,
I'm so excited to write this post because my lovely friend Rajinie got married to her now husband Dinuk and theirs was the first wedding I was personally invited to (usually I'm included in the '& family' bit). I feel like a proper adult now haha. Down below is their invitation which looks beautiful and as a person who loves details I was even more excited by the little wax seal on the envelope.


From the day I got the invitation, I started rummaging through my closet to find something to wear. I found this pale pink dress with a lot of lace details which I had bought last year from the Abstract store at Racecourse complex in Colombo. I paired it with the shoes I had uploaded on my blog earlier and a silver sequined clutch (just to add some sparkle).         

For jewelry I chose a simple pair of stud earrings and this necklace I bought from Backstage. For my makeup I did something similar to what Maryam did in her video, minus the false lashes. Here's her video:

So in the evening of the fourth of April the ceremony began and as I waited for my friends outside the church I noticed the jars with candles hanging from the branches of the trees outside. The sight was just magical and definitely pin-worthy. The decorations inside were just as beautiful as those outside. I loved the pairing of the candle lit atmosphere with the rustic setting and those beautiful white calla lilies. Everything from the cute flower crowns on the flower girls to the stunning dresses of the bridesmaids showed that all her efforts paid off well. As the bridesmaids walked by one after another, we tried to contain our excitement and for a moment time stopped when she walked in looking absolutely beautiful in her white dress. We were certainly glad to be present to watch them as they said their I do's in front of all their loved ones.

The entire wedding seemed straight out of a movie, but better. I was so thrilled to be able to celebrate such a special day and I wish them both nothing but happiness and love in the many years of marriage to come.

Click on the link to check out Rajinie's blog:

Much love,

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