Review: Essence Superfine eyeliner pen

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Hello everybody!
I know I've been doing a lot of reviews on lip products and this eyeliner review has been long overdue, so here it is...the review of the Essence Superfine eyeliner pen.

As you know, before a review I like to babble on about how I got to know about the product and why I purchased it and what not. So the story goes like this. Once upon a time I completely immersed myself in the sixties. I cannot recall how many times I've written about the sixties already. Anyway when I first started getting into the fashion and makeup of the sixties I so desperately wanted two things: hair like that of Pattie Boyd and to have my eye makeup done like Audrey Hepburn. I had used liquid eyeliner before and knew what a nightmare it could be to use it do a slightly winged eyeliner look.

I then came across these felt-tip liner pens which I thought I would never find here. So when I saw these Essence eyeliners at Odel I had to pick one up. Prior to this purchase I did not know about Essence but I was willing to check it out anyway. For those of you who are not familiar with Essence, it is a great brand that has affordable and a rather diverse range of products from eye products to nail polishes. I know that these are also available at Srina Palace. The price of this is Rs. 770 and the one I picked up is in the color no. 01 -deep black. The shelf life of this one is about 3 years.

In terms of packaging, it is black in color and quite ordinary to be honest. The tip itself is thin which is exactly what it should be. The claims are listed on the pen and describes itself as an eyeliner pen for 'precise and ultra fine line,' further claiming that it is 'smudge-proof, and extra long lasting'. The ingredients are listed on their website which I'll link down below.

The product is actually well pigmented and it leaves a stain behind when removed only with makeup wipes. It even has a little shine to it. The tip is thin but it can get a little wobbly. The funny thing for me though is that somehow this factor makes it easier on the eyes. However the tip can dry out easily and that means that the lines aren't going to be as precise as before and this makes it quite difficult to work with. I would say it lasts about 4-5 hours on my eyes but it might not exactly be smudge-proof after a couple of hours. It doesn't do well on contact with water either (to be fair, it doesn't claim to be waterproof anyway).

Please note that I'm not using this product on my upper waterline and I do not recommend doing that. For a complete look I gently go over the waterline with a kajal pencil.  

Rating (out of 5): ❤❤❤

Please leave a comment below sharing your experience if you've tried the Essence superfine eyeliner pen or if you have any other Essence products that you recommend. Don't forget to subscribe via e-mail, just so you don't miss a single post.

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