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Hello everyone,
Sorry I haven't been able to post last week but I'm back with my June Favorites. This post I've dedicated to all the things that I love but haven't been able to mention them in any of my other favorites posts.

But to start off I thought I'll share with you lot something that I got this month and that is my Luv Esence water lily perfumed body mist. One of my friends introduced me to the Luv Esence body mist/ shower gel range, so I managed to pick one up at K-zone in Ja-Ela. The 100 ml bottle was priced at Rs. 600. I have to say I had the hardest time choosing one because all of them and I mean all of them, smell heavenly. Finally I decided to go with the one my mom liked best which is the water lily mist which is enriched with almond, sunflower, soya and coconut.

Laksala has some amazing shower gel/ body lotion products as well. I ran out of their Jasmine shower gel which I loved using. I'm currently using their pink lotus shower gel and body lotion and these came in tiny bottles so it's completely travel-friendly. The shower gel has aloe vera, honey, olive and coconut and the body lotion is enriched with almond, soya, honey and coconut.

Moving onto clothing, I got this dress back in April but I have been wearing this more often in June. This dress is from Hameedias and it was priced at Rs. 1295. It reminds me of wrap dresses by Diane Von Furstenberg although it isn't exactly a wrap dress. There's also something about this dress that takes me back all the way back to the 50s. Anyway it's one of my favorite summer dresses I've worn in June.

Another favorite is this top by Splash. It is a pleated tank top with an attached cropped jacket with a 3/4 sleeve. I love the overall look of the jacket  especially the boxy sleeves and the pearl button. It has a 60s mod outlook to it, which as you guessed is the obvious reason behind the purchase.

This is possibly my favorite lip gloss ever. It is the Viana Lip gloss in No. 13- Honey Dew. It's the perfect nude gloss for me because it has just the right hint of pink. Unfortunately I don't remember the price of this one but I reckon it was no more than Rs. 400.

Another favorite of mine for this month is this biography of John Lennon by Mr. Philip Norman. I can only imagine the amount of research that went into writing this one. If you're a Lennon/ The Beatles or in general a classic rock fan, this is a must-read.
That's it for the June favorites, let me know what your June Favorites are in a comment down below. Don't miss a single post by following my blog by e-mail to get new posts right into your inbox.

Much love,

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