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Hello everyone,
How are you? Hope you're all well after the extra-long weekend. If you've come across my Instagram page you would know that I've made a few beauty purchases recently and I've never shared them on the blog. So today I thought I will do just that. And before you say it, I know I bought too many lip products.

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First I paid a visit to the store Saweena in Kiribathgoda. As you know I loved my Jordana matte lipstick in Taupe ( Check out my review here: ) so I just spontaneously decided to pick up two more. Turns out, spontaneity doesn't always work in my favor. I picked up the 'matte' lipstick in No. 47 Nude. Because this was a nude lipstick I really didn't think that there would be any shimmer in the product. Sirens should have gone off in my head when I decided not to swatch it at the store. The color turned out as a frosty pink color on my lips, and as you may know I'm not a fan of shimmer/frost lip colors. I'm not even sure I like the formula of this one as I find it to be a little more drying. I liked it better paired with my Jordana Lip liner in No. 08- Ruby stone as a base. Still I wouldn't recommend getting this one.

I also purchased the matte lipstick in No. 42 Terra Cotta. This one has the same consistency and formula as the Taupe one I love so much. I love this shade of orange toned brown. It is non drying just like the Taupe one. In the tube this shade may seem perfect for autumn but on my skin tone it works just fine for spring/ summer as well.

Also I picked up a fake Maybelline Colossal Kajal, yes I did say fake and I knew it (Check out my  review of the real product here: ). It was Rs. 285 and the real one is a lot more expensive than that-so that was the first giveaway. I got it anyway just to compare the two. The packaging itself is different especially the color difference is noticeable (the fake product has a brighter yellow packaging than the real one). The feel of the product with regard to the sturdiness and how well the lid fits is another giveaway. The fake product feels quite cheap and the lid does not shut properly. I was impressed with the pigmentation and creaminess of the product but it smudged so easily. If you should know anything about the real product is it that it won't budge no matter what. Can't vouch for the ingredients either, so make sure you check twice before you make your beauty purchases.

I picked up two Rimmel products from ASOS. They were having a beauty sale at the time. The first product I added to my cart was the Extra Super Lash- Lash building mascara. This mascara comes with a curved brush which I found to be intriguing as I've never used any curved wands before. This is in the shade 101- Black and it was on sale for the price of $5.97. It claims to build a natural to dramatic look with super lash separation, which in all honesty ticked all the boxes in terms of what I was looking for. I've only used this a couple of times since, so I can't fully comment on it. But as always, I will be doing reviews of all the products mentioned in this post on my blog.

Next I picked up the Rimmel London Kate Nudes Lipstick in the shade no. 48. I so wish these had names instead of numbers. As you know Rimmel lipsticks are my favorite lipsticks to wear and this one is what I've been wearing almost everyday since February. It is a beautiful mauve-brown lipstick and I feel like it is the perfect combination of modern and 90's beauty. Basically I can't get enough of this one.

I also made a few purchases from Beauty Bay and I will post a review on the website but in short, my experience with them has been nothing but pleasant. They had a 10% off promotion for Valentine's Day and I got myself a little something as a Valentine's gift. Yes, it's perfectly acceptable to buy gifts for yourself. So I picked up two products by Gerard Cosmetics. I've seen their products being raved about on Instagram so I thought I will try them out. The fact that the lipstick I chose was done in collaboration with Jacyln Hill from YouTube also helped speed up the process of adding the items into the cart. I picked up the ever-so-famous lipstick in 1995. This lipstick has got me seriously addicted. I love the color, it is beyond flattering on my skin tone. The shade is kind of universal- it will work for anyone and everyone. It is the most beautiful pink toned brown and it will make your heart melt. The price of this is $13 without the discount.

I also picked up a hydra matte liquid lipstick in the shade Serenity. It is a beautiful pinkish nude color which kind of takes me back to the sixties makeup looks I love so much. This too was $13 without the discount. I haven't worn this as often to comment on it but I find this to be surprisingly non-drying despite the fact that this is a matte liquid lipstick. So far, so good.

From Backstage at Odel I picked up the mascara I've been using throughout last year. So much so, that you probably have had enough of me repeatedly talking about it. You can check out my review of the I love extreme volume mascara by Essence here The price of this is Rs. 850.

Next I picked up a gel nail polish by Essence. I've seen these cute little bottles at Odel, in all the colors you can imagine under the sun, lined up perfectly to catch the eye of any passers-by. For the first time, I picked one up in the shade no. 48, my love diary. This is a beautiful warm pink color and so far nearly all my friends have asked me about the shade or asked me to paint their nails with this. The pricing of this is at Rs. 490, which is a little more expensive than what I usually go for in selecting nail polish. However this has not let me down in terms of formula or the shade.

I also picked up a Farmasi Nail Polish in the shade No. 31 from Srina Palace. It is a very pretty fluorescent pink color- perfect for Spring. This was Rs. 390. I really like Farmasi nail polishes because they have a variety of shades and they last for longer on my nails than other nail polish brands I've tried. They also dry quickly which is great because- no smudging.

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