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Hey everyone,
As some of you may know I was able to attend the launch of The Body Shop on Monday. I was fortunate enough to be invited to the event amongst several other bloggers. I wanted to write this post to share some of the excitement surrounding the launch. I received my invitation with 2 of their products as gifts which I will be reviewing on my blog.

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They already had a space at Odel in Colombo but this is their first store in Colombo which they can call their own. It's always nice to have your own space, isn't it? The event was due to start at 4 and of course I realized that my foundation had expired at the last minute. So after rushing to the nearest salon and settling on my favorite navy blue jumpsuit I headed out the door and actually managed to be at the store on time. Mind you this was a Monday with heavy traffic. As I walked in I saw the press lining up at the front entrance to of course click the first pic of  The Body Shop brand ambassador Jacqueline Fernandez. I had a brief deer-in-the-headlights moment then.

The store was packed with members of the press, the officials of the body shop, and other bloggers and I got to meet Nethmi and Sachini there which was really nice. Since it was a tight space with everyone inside it was really warm-by really warm I mean really really warm. So there I was fanning my self as I sweat through my eyes and in walks Jacqueline looking all radiant and stuff. I mean she's a vision. We were all listening intently as she went through why she loves The Body Shop and even named a few products she adores like the Tea Tree Oil (It's okay if you want to rush to the store now itself and grab one of them). She also spoke of the new range of Green Tea products at The Body Shop. 

As people moved on to the adjoining room for the refreshments I went around looking at the rather wide array of products available at their new store. I walked first into the makeup section of the store, because why not? I had allowed myself a few sneak peaks before as well. 

Their foundations looked so good and were apparently for any skin type regardless of how dry/ oily. I spotted the shimmer cubes which I've often seen featured in videos on YouTube and also  their shimmer waves.

 I was looking at the Vitamin E range which was all the way across from where I was standing wishing I would get a quick look at the products before I went. I met a lovely staff member who helped me out and explained the purpose of each product. The staff is really nice and helpful which only elevates the shopping experience.

I was able to test the Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet which was gel like in consistency and seemed as though it would keep me moisturized without leaving my skin oily. I also tried out the Tea Tree Oil which was generously applied on the back of my hand. According to their website it is suitable for blemished skin, acne and blackheads.

I also noticed they had showcased the oils of life which is a new range. In these tiny bottles are a mixture of Black Cumin Seed Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil and Camellia Seed Oil which translates as a product that would help the skin appear smoother, more radiant, revitalized and nourished.

I also noticed that they had exciting and exotic products such as the dead sea salt scrub and the Moroccan Rhassoul body clay which is a firming and toning clay body mask which sounds amazing. I can just imagine having a spa time at home with these products after a long day. Also would you look at the packaging?  How luxurious!

Onto the perfumes and body mists they have a rather extensive range which should be enough to cover the likes of anyone, really.  Out of all of the scents available this one caught my eye with that gorgeous plum colored packaging, it is the White Musk Smoky Rose Eau de Toilette. If you want something more subtle you could even pick up Jacqueline's favorite- Vanilla body mist.

I wanted to pick up the Vitamin E sorbet since I tested it at the store. Unfortunately for me I couldn't stick around until the checkout counter opened. So I will definitely be returning to the store to pick that and some more products.

Last but not least thank you The Body Shop LK for inviting me, I had a fabulous time there. Their new store is available at the Fairline Building, Galle Road, Kollupitiya, Colombo - 03 right next to Charles and Keith. I saved the best for last-they have inaugural offers- free gift on any purchase!

 Thank you  for reading! 
Much love,

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