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Hello everyone,
Hope life is treating you well! Today I will be reviewing the Gerard Cosmetics lipstick in 1995. I know that there are tons of reviews out there already about this product but I thought you might like to know what I think of it as well. I got this lipstick as a Valentine's gift to myself this year when Beauty Bay had a 10% off discount on certain products. Yes yes I know it's only 10% but in my world that's just enough.

The reason why I have put off purchasing this for so long is because I kept questioning whether it's really worth the hype. I mean everyone on Instagram and YouTube seemed to be  already 'obsessed' with this lippie. So there was basically only one way to find out whether it is actually as good as everyone claims it is.

This particular shade of lipstick '1995' was created in collaboration with Jacyln Hill, a beloved YouTuber, whose videos I can't stop watching. It is a perfect melange of  90's brown shades and more modern Kylie Jenner-esque shades. Since I was just kid in the 90's I couldn't try 'The Rachel' haircut or chokers or the deep brown lipstick in my mother's vanity. Actually I think I did try the lipstick and maybe even ate it. Ah sweet childhood memories! Anyway thanks to the 90's trend in fashion and beauty these days I have the perfect excuse to rock flannels with this '1995' lipstick. 

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What can I say? It's pretty perfect! There's hardly any flaws, except maybe that you cannot see the actual shade inside unless you open it. The lip bullet comes in a box which gives a description of the shade inside which is good. However it's difficult to tell which is which unless you memorize all the shades and know them by their name.

These look so good on top of the vanity because of their glistening gold exterior. It looks so luxurious and I was surprised that I was able to find them on beauty bay for just $13 (without discount).  


The moment you open the lid you would get a whiff of vanilla scent which doesn't linger for too long. The first time I applied this, I thought this lipstick was on the drier-side and didn't apply too smoothly. So I just warmed it up by doing several swatches on the back of my hand and then applied on my lips and it glided beautifully-no fuss at all.

 I think in terms of how even the lipstick is when applied, this is the best out of the matte lipsticks I've tried. And it's perfectly matte- no shine whatsoever, which I love. It's very opaque as well, just one coat does the job so there's no question about the pigmentation. On my lips this shade is a more pink toned brown which I could only describe as a my-lips-but-better shade. I feel that this is a universal shade that would flatter so many different skin tones.

I still do feel that this lipstick is a bit drying. I usually apply a thick coat of lip balm and wipe off the excess before applying this because otherwise my lips feel like sandpaper. In terms of lasting power I would say it lasts about 4 to 5 hours. I find that it wears off a little after breakfast. 

Should you get it?:

Yes! This lipstick is amazing in terms of pigmentation and ease of application. If you moisturize your lips prior to application it wouldn't feel as drying. Besides the shade is just so flattering. I've already received so many compliments on this lippie and it's fast becoming my favorite lipstick of all time. 

Go ahead and re-experience the 90's with a modern twist with the '1995' lipstick by Gerard Cosmetics.

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Beauty Bay often has offers for Gerard Cosmetics so keep an eye out for them! 

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