To Wear Makeup or To Not Wear Makeup| Part II

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I'll start by saying that this is an unplanned post. So do excuse, if this feels like more like a personal rant than an upbeat, cheerful blog post. I feel the need to address this now more so than ever before. I've written a similar post before, but I thought I would do it again. 

I remember when I started doing makeup. Initially it was a little kajal on the eyes, and mascara. I lived in the good old days when people used to line their lips with a colour darker than the actual lip shade. Somehow I've always felt the need to tone it down, in case people think it's too much makeup. "She's caked her face", "Ew, you could see the face patches up close, no wonder she had to wear so much makeup", "She looks like mohini (a ghost?) in that red lipstick". You would think these are all made up, but these are some of the comments I've heard, or been said about me. Then you have the opposite side of the spectrum suggesting that makeup is used just to cover up flaws and that women don't need it. While it is related on a positive note, it doesn't convey the message of how amazing and transformational makeup is. 

Throwback Pic
I remember the anxiety I felt purchasing my first red lipstick. Such was my fear of being judged that I actually had been using red face paint as lipstick until I purchased my first red lipstick by Revlon. Never once did I wear it outside, until I started to realize how strong and confident it made me feel. It might seem shallow to some of you to feel empowered by a lipstick, but that was how I felt. While I realize that my anxiety was created mostly by me, the way society in general used to look down upon makeup clearly had an effect in driving my thinking. Back then, makeup artistry was a profession that wasn't placed so highly and needless to say the artists weren't paid appropriately for their craft. Not saying that people don't question the high prices of makeup artists and hair stylists nowadays, but at least there is some recognition of the craft. That too, is thanks to the impact of social media revolutionizing the way makeup is perceived. 

Just yesterday, someone very close and dear to my heart suggested a reality check, with something along the lines of "makeup won't fix anything in life, why not learn to cook instead". Needless to say this broke my heart. Once it is said and out there, it is difficult to brush it aside and go back to living life in what feels normal to me. It is difficult to imagine being a beauty blogger recognized for the craft here, winning accolades in society, but it doesn't necessarily mean it cannot happen. Besides, the constant support from people who share a passion for makeup, and the lovely comments from those of you, who have told me things like, "I've bought that lipstick because I saw it on your blog and I love it", are enough to sustain that drive to create a change. 

The reason for why I'm writing this post is to emphasize the phrase, 'live and let live'. So what if someone chooses to wear makeup or not to wear it at all? It is their choice, their happiness, their life. While it may not be out of malevolence when you say, "you don't need makeup", make sure the idea is received in the same way. It is almost therapeutic to nail that winged liner on both eyes or blend that eyeshadow seamlessly. For such a person, telling them that they don't need makeup, to me seems similar to telling an artist that he/ she doesn't need paint because he/she has a beautiful canvas. You see what I mean, right? 

Makeup is liberating, empowering and exciting!

Such is the power of social media, that many women here today are not afraid to wear red lipstick out in broad daylight or try a winged eyeliner look. The point is, let's keep it that way. Embrace people who wear or do not wear makeup, because it is a personal choice. Embrace them because they are fellow humans finding out their own passions and forms of enjoyment in life. Be someone who empowers others to do what they love and shields them from any negativity instead of constantly looking to find ways to tear them down. We could all do with a little love and peace. Trust me, there are other things to worry about in life than someone who is wearing 'too much' highlighter. 

End rant. 

Thank you to everyone who has offered words of encouragement for nearly 2 and a half years now. Has it really been that long? Please be kind to other souls today and show your support to those who are striving to be themselves despite whatever difficulties they may be going through.

Love always,

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