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Hey lovelies!
As you know I purchased some lip products from ASOS among many others, which I included in my May Favorites blog post. (Link: So I will be doing a detailed review on the Barry M Lip Paint in this post. They have 8 colors on the ASOS website, each for $ 8.15 and loads more on the Barry M website for £ 4.49. The ingredients can be found on their website as well. The shade I chose was the Peach shade (No. 54) which was on sale for just $2.72. I thought the peach shade would compliment my skin tone and since peach/orange shades have become the ubiquitous color of summer, I knew I had to have it. The fact that they make beauty products that are affordable and cruelty free is commendable. I do feel obliged to mention here that I have never tried anything by Barry M cosmetics before, so this review is solely based on my experience with this particular product. 

To start off, I have to say I just love the packaging. It's not fancy nor is it intricately designed. It's in black with a matte feel to it, with the shade number at the bottom and their logo at the top. In fact, I think that it is very straightforward. 

Although this shade is referred to as 'peach', it is more orange toned and is quite bright. Some might like the fact that it is brighter than what you would normally expect and some might not. When I swatched it on my hand, I absolutely loved the color and the way it turned out. However when I actually applied it on my lips, I was feeling more ambivalent. It's such a pretty color, but on my lips it looks even more orange and stands out in a way that I didn't think was flattering. I managed to blot and tone it down a bit and ended up liking the result. 
In terms of pigmentation, it is very pigmented which is always a plus. In terms of consistency, it glides smoothly but after a couple of hours of wear, tends to accumulate into the cracks of the lips, making them look and feel somewhat dry. Although the website has listed it as a matte lip paint, I feel as though it isn't a true matte, at best it is semi-matte. Having said that, it is very light weight and comfortable to wear. 

Would I buy this product again?
As much as I love the colors of the lip paints, I'm not sure if I will purchase another. I don't know if the consistency of the rest of colors is similar to this one, as I've read that it's either a hit or a miss for most people. But I have been eyeing their nail polishes and lip liners so I might purchase those instead.

Rating (out of 5): ❤❤❤

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You can check out their website here:

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