May Favorites/ Mini ASOS Haul

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Hello everyone,

My May favorites are dominated from all the buys from ASOS, so this post is going to be a May Favorites/ Mini ASOS haul one. After what seemed like decades of visiting the site and staring longingly at all the products I wished I owned, I finally managed to purchase some products both for me and for mom and dad. I do have to mention that most of these items were on sale so it saved me a couple of bucks.
I bought two bags, the first one is the New Look Quilt Soft Side Tote. This was one product that caught my eye with its bright color and great design. There's ample space to carry around even my books and files for university. So I thought this was a great buy and it was just $19.50.


The second buy was the New Look V Flap Babar. I love the lavender color and the gold chain and I thought it was the perfect accessory to complete any look for Spring/ Summer.This one was $13.80.

I also bought Simple Kind to Skin refreshing face wash gel after seeing so many positive reviews about Simple products from the blogger community. This face wash indeed is so refreshing and the gel formula is absolutely a dream and also minimizes product wastage. This was just $3.50.

Since the purchase would be incomplete without makeup, I bought myself two lipsticks. The first one is my absolute favorite, the Rimmel London Kate Matte Lipstick in the shade number one hundred and eleven- kiss of life. The berry smell is just, well hypnotizing. You can look forward to a review on this one for sure and it was $9.95. ASOS had a beauty sale just after I already purchased this (talk about bad timing) and it was available for a much lower price. So if you are intending on buying, sign up for the website which will send you reminders about sales right to your inbox.

The second one is the Barry M Lip Paint in the shade peach. I loved the color of the lippie although it seemed a bit more orange toned in the picture. Not sure if I like the consistency however, I've got to commend them for making beauty products that are affordable and cruelty free.

That's it for my ASOS haul, but I have one other favorite I want to add, which are these amazing pair of Cherokee gladiator sandals. I have to confess I own too many pairs of sandals but these just look great. Better yet gladiator sandals are trending this season and are among the likes of Vanessa Hudgens and Kendall Jenner and were also seen at the runway shows of Chloe and Stella McCartney.

That's all for my May favorites post and let me know what your May Favorites are in a comment down below. Don't miss a single post by following my blog by e-mail to get new posts right into your inbox.

You can check out the ASOS website here:

P.S. Many thanks to Johny (my pet Labrador) for helping me write/ re-write this post by pressing the space bar as many times as he did.

Much love,

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