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Hello everybody,

I hope you enjoyed my ASOS haul that I did earlier ( I made my purchases all the way back in June, even though I received the items much later. Since then I have purchased several items and I thought I'll share what I got with you guys, because that's what I do now, apparently. Anyway I haven't done a September favorites post so I  thought why not stir things up and make this a September favorites/ collective haul post.

Back in August I had a wedding party to attend so I was on the look for a dress. I then went to Odel when they had their pre-fall color-block collection out and I found this beautiful A- line dress. I generally do not prefer wearing orange colored clothing but for some reason I really liked this. Also it instantly livened up my wardrobe which basically consists of anything and everything monochrome. I liked the fact that the dress was clean and simple, as I don't generally go for detailed party dresses, unless of course there's a Great Gatsby themed party somewhere. This was Rs. 3950. I have seen a similar dress from Shay Int. which had cut outs and looked super pretty. I'll link her Facebook page down below.

Since I have another engagement party coming up this October I picked up this jumpsuit during the same visit. I'll start by saying blue is my favorite color so it's obvious why I got the outfit in this color. Also my mom was the first to notice this, so she was happy I decided to get it. I love the zipper detailing and the pretty peter-pan collar (you know how much I obsess over collars). I suddenly felt very Alexa Chung like in this when I tried it on. So that justifies my purchase, I think. This is from their B-Iconic range and it was Rs. 3250 which I thought was a very decent price for a jumpsuit.

The dress had not a lot going on, so I decided to accessorize with a belt, which I actually didn't end up wearing to the event. I thought the two would be more suitable for a day-time occasion. It is beige in color and has a snakeskin print? I'm not too sure about the print but it is very pretty and looks great with the heels I was planning on wearing. I think it's fun to be a little daring when accessorizing any outfit. It was Rs. 850.

In terms of jewelry I wore my silver collar necklace which I got earlier with this beautiful bracelet I got from Backstage. It comes with lots of beads and stones and is fantastic for a night event. I think it could elevate any outfit to make it look completely glamorous. It was Rs. 690.

Pile on the bling because I also got these tiny hoop earrings. My teenage years were spent on collecting hoop earrings. Big, small, ones with beads on them, I basically had them all. I was a 90's kid and I feel as though I missed out on the trends back then because all I remember is wearing my hair in a ponytail which resembled a water fountain. So I made up for what I missed out during my teens. Anyway these just brought back memories so I knew I had to get them. These earrings were Rs. 690.

Moving on I got this foundation brush from Basic Care. I love the range of products by Basic Care and I honestly believe that they are definitely worth the money paid. The bristles are so soft and it has a long handle which helps with the grip. These brushes last ages, if you are unlike me and take good care of them. This was Rs. 670.

In terms of perfumes I have my faith in the brand Yardley. I've tried other high-end 'luxury' brands but never felt the need to re-purchase them. I've always come full-circle to Yardley fragrances. This one was just Rs. 1600 and I got it in lavender which is one of their signature scents. This is one scent that is perfect for both summer and winter. It's both refreshing and warm as the same time. I'm not doing a good job describing the scent am I? It's a dream, I'll say just that.

I also have been loving facial wipes and especially when it's too humid outside, these are perfect for keeping in your handbag. I love using aquawipes with aloe but I also purchased these three and I've only tried the splash ones before. The lemon ones cost Rs. 120 and are really refreshing as are the London Ice Fresh ones. The only difference is that the lemon ones are scented whereas the London ones aren't. The pure &soft ones however smell bad and I mean really bad. It doesn't irritate the skin but the smell is enough to stay clear of them.

 That pretty much sums up this post. Hope you liked this one. I'd love to know what your September favorites are, so do leave a comment down below.
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