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Hello everyone,

As you know I posted about my first ASOS haul a while back ( and I loved everything I got from ASOS. Since then my 'saved items'  list had been becoming more and more extensive and with that I grew more and more restless until I decided to relieve some tension by purchasing some more items. That does sound reasonable, right? I was starting to get really anxious because my parcels didn't arrive until a month later (that is, a month from when the parcel was to be delivered). This is also the reason why there wasn't a July favorites post as I was hoping to show you some new favorites/ additions. I do have to say though, that their customer service is really good and they responded fast on Twitter about my then 'missing parcels'. I still am to receive one more but I couldn't wait any longer to write the post. Okay, so here's my long-awaited ASOS haul.

The first thing that I ordered was this beautiful skirt from New Look. It is a button-through skirt with pockets. I love skirts but I don't wear them that often, but since this one came with pockets, I knew had to get it. There was only one remaining in my size, as it was on sale for $ 10.87. I love how it has that faux-denim look and absolutely adore the crotchet detailing at the bottom. I initially thought of going for a summer look with this skirt but I think with a cute sweater and a pair of tights this could be styled for fall as well.

The next thing I picked up was this short sleeve jacquard top by Vero Moda. I thought this top was a very versatile piece because it could be dressed up, say with a tulle skirt or dressed down with a pair of white pants or distressed skinny jeans. I love the color which is a pale pink which I think is really flattering and I cannot get over the detailing on the front with lots of intricate leaf and stem designs. It's very pretty and I don't think the photos does it justice. This was on sale too for $14.50.

Another product I've been eyeing for so long is this rose petal lip salve tube by Rose & Co. It has been shortlisted or won awards because of what seems to be its limitless uses. It can not only moisturize dry lips, but could also be used on cuticles and rough skin. This was $5.44 and I think I'm going to get my money's worth out of this product. Besides just look at the packaging. I'm known to love vintage items and this looks so charming. The company itself is the creation of a mother and daughter team- Patricia and Caroline Rose. I'm yet to try out the other products in their range which includes several bath and body items. But stay tuned for a complete review on this one!

I also ordered a multi ring pack with triangle stones which was $5.44. I love rings and I think they are the perfect accessories for me because the bracelets/ bangles out there do not fit me well as I've got quite thin wrists. I thought these were midi-rings but I actually went back and checked the website and they are not. For a second, I was starting to think that my fingers were tiny too. The stones came in mint, peach and grey and basically I can wear these with any outfit.

I also got this pair of trousers from New Look in black. These are peg tailored trousers and they are high waisted which is pretty much the reason why I got them. I don't own a lot of trousers that look tailored and official so I thought I need to get these especially since they were on sale for just $18.12. They actually went for an even lesser price a couple of days later.

The item I'm most excited about is this beautiful dress by New Look. It is a tunic dress and I got it in the color black. There was another in a khaki green color. This dress was out of stock when I first saw it and it was back in stock a couple of days later. To me, this was a sign telling me that this dress belonged to me. According to The Alchemist written by Paulo Coehlo “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” So yeah, the universe is the reason I got the dress, not because I'm obsessed with pretty clothing items or anything like that. Jokes aside, the dress is absolutely perfect and I think the shape really compliments me as well.

As you know I did a review of the Rimmel Kate Moss matte lipstick and basically fell in love with Rimmel just by that one product. ( So I decided to try out this Scandaleyes Shadow Stick by Kate in the color Rose Gold. I got this because there are days when I get lazy with applying eye shadow, matching colors and blending it properly. There are days when I can't even bother spending 5 minutes on makeup and I just want to whack on the product and get on with my day. I thought this was the perfect solution for such days. This was $8.14 and I will be reviewing this later on as well. 

So as I mentioned before I haven't received my last package just yet so I'll update you guys on Instagram when I do receive them. But for now I will have to resort to just mentioning what I gotI got the soft kohl kajal eye pencil by Rimmel in jet black which was $5.42. I also got the kind to eyes, eye makeup remover by Simple. I have been loving their face wash which I bought during my previous haul. The remover was $5.42 which I thought was a very decent price for a makeup remover. I also got a backpack in Aztec neon print by Mi-Pac for my friend because she absolutely loves prints. (The image below is from the ASOS website.)

That's it for my haul guys. I hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for reviews and check out my Instagram page for the updates and the looks I will be creating with what I got. 
Also there is a 70% off sale on ASOS, if you want to check it out:


Much love,

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  1. Hi dear
    How much did you have to pay for ASOS shipping?

    1. I didn't have to pay for shipping because ASOS ships for free if the package price exceeds USD 34.21. Otherwise you have to pay USD 5.13 to ship to Sri Lanka. :) Hope this helps! Xx


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