August Favorites

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Hello everyone,

It's September already, can you guys believe it? Since there wasn't a July favorites post, I thought I'll make it up to you with an August favorites post with 7 things that I've loved in the month of August. Just a word of warning-I've been loving a lot of bath/body products, so please bear with me.

To start off I have my favorites from my ASOS haul ( As you know I loved the dress I got which is a really pretty tunic dress. I just realized that I didn't mention the price of the dress on the post. It was $11.78. 

The second favorite from my Haul is obviously the Rimmel Kate Eye shadow stick and if you've read my previous post you know exactly why I love it. It was $8.14. It's so convenient to apply, is very pigmented and travel-friendly. What more could you ask for?

Moving on to other beauty products, you already know from my 'What's in my makeup bag' post ( ) that I love Vaseline lotions.
I use the total moisture-cocoa glow lotion, the aloe fresh lotion and more recently I've been using the total moisture lotion as well. This month I've been loving the cocoa glow lotion and for those of you who are getting ready for fall/winter, I think this is the perfect product to keep in your bag.  (*Do keep in mind that it contains parabens- for more information: .) 

The next favorite is the white beauty bar by Dove. Let me start off by saying I do not like using soap and much prefer using shower gels instead. It was Rs. 200 which I think is a tad expensive when compared to the others on the market. This is a highly advertised product and I wasn't going to succumb to purchasing it. I think it was my mom who had bought this and it was lying around in the cupboard so I thought I'll give it a go. This bar of soap is incredible. It makes my skin feel unbelievably soft and so well moisturized. Highly recommend you try out this one.

The next favorite is the Swadeshi Khomba Shower Cream. Again I wasn't the one to pick them up but I have been loving them. I have to say out of them both, I prefer the lime and cucumber one- the smell is just amazing and it leaves my skin feeling very fresh. The price of this is Rs. 335.

My next favorite is a deodorant body spray by Rasasi. It's called 'Feelings'. I love the scent, it's very sweet and feminine. The same fragrance could be found on their perfume as well. The wear time is pretty good as well. It was Rs. 695. If you do get this, I would suggest being quite light-handed with this as the scent could get a bit overwhelming.

Finally my last favorite for this month is the book Emotional Intelligence- Why it can matter more that IQ by Daniel Goleman. I've read this book before but I decided to re-read it. I would say it definitely puts things in perspective. When I initially got this book, I expected it to be very dense, text-book like, but in fact it is very enjoyable and enlightening. Again, I highly recommend this book for anyone.

That sums up my August favorites. I hope you enjoyed the post. Let me know what your August Favorites are in a comment down below. Don't miss a single post by following my blog by e-mail to get new posts right into your inbox. 

Much love,

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