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'Too short' 'Too tall' 'Too thin' 'Too fat' are labels that are thrown about with an apparent disregard for their effect on others. It almost feels as if a person cannot be just right. More recently I've come to notice the trend of bashing others in an attempt to feel secure in one's own body. I've seen people promoting a curvy body whilst attacking those who are thin. One thing that is the hardest to learn but the most important, is to never compare oneself with others. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all embrace who we are and respect ourselves for the differences that make each of us unique?

I would be lying if I said that there was never a time when I didn't feel good in my own skin. Growing up I was a very thin kid, actually bony would define me. For the most part I felt just fine being thin. After all it wasn't something I could change since it is mostly due to genetics. However when people closest to me started asking me why I was thin and frail, or asked endless questions of whether I don't eat enough or whether I have some other illness, it started to hurt my feelings. To this day, I'm glad I shook off such comments and didn't engage in any unhealthy habits to change who I was. 

In having studied psychology, I've learnt the many different forms in which such insecurities can manifest. Whether it is in the form of a body dysmorphia or most commonly, eating disorders, the way a person looks at his or her body will change their life. I've heard stories of people undergoing surgeries to look different, seen girls eat a couple of biscuits as a 'diet' and celebrities on TV promoting products for weight loss, etc. We're in the year 2016, and some things still  haven't changed. While many people today are actively engaged in programs to promote body confidence and healthy living, there seems to be an equal amount of people trying to tear them down. 

Maybe the supermodels in the front covers of magazines aren't what you look like and when you look in the mirror you don't see yourself having the body of your favorite actor/ actress, but it need not change the way you see yourself. If you don't feel feel positive about your appearance, there is so much that can be done to change it. Take for example, a balanced diet, and by that I mean including a variety of organic vegetables and fruits to your meals, cutting off sugar when necessary, and minimize consumption of processed food. The key is balance, so you shouldn't have to feel guilty about enjoying a slice of pizza every once in a while. Exercise is another way to feel positive about your body and remain fit and healthy at the same time. It can not only tone your body but also can free your mind of unwanted stress. A good workout every week or every three days, depending on your physical capacity could be just the thing you need. Another way to feel more positive is to discuss the underlying feelings and needs pertaining to your body, perhaps with a close friend or a therapist. The truth is that there are more people feeling the same way as you do right now than you think. 

So the next time you spot someone with a thin appearance, do not assume the person has a disorder. Or if you see someone who is curvy do not tell them that they can't rock that two-piece. Try to make a note of it if you seem to project your own insecurities on to others. I hope we will be able to use internet as a platform to promote a more inclusive society irrespective of differences in gender, skin color or body shape.

At the end of the day, you do you!

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