Review: Jordana lip liner in No. 06- Spiced Rum

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Hope you are all well! Today I thought I will share my review of the Jordana lip liner in No. 06- Spiced Rum. I posted a review of their quickliners in March last year and when I stumbled upon this one at Shrina Palace I knew I had to put it in my shopper's basket plastic bowl.  The price of this was Rs. 590 which is 40 bucks more than the Quickliners. Sadly drugstore products aren't all that affordable over here.


It has a classic drugstore lip liner packaging, by that I mean there's nothing fancy going on. It is in a non-retractable pencil form. The color of the product is indicated at the end and it is pretty accurate to the actual color of the product. It does not come with a sharpener, so you probably need one in hand if you are to regularly use these pencils.


The color itself is beautiful and wearable on a daily basis. It is a more brown toned terracotta color. I have to say I am now more into brown toned lip colors, so this has been a staple for my everyday makeup for the past couple of months.

In terms of pigmentation and level of comfort when wearing it deserves an A+. It is very creamy, in fact the formula is creamier than the quickliners which makes it really easy to apply and line. I love not only lining but filling my lips entirely with this lipliner to kind of recreate the 90's look in a more subtle and wearable manner. It stays put on my lips even after my morning coffee and mid day snacks for an estimated total of 4-5 hours which is good for a liner.

The biggest con I find is that in sharpening these pencils there is a lot of product wastage. I mean I've sharpened it twice and it is already quite short. Since the product is creamy I have to take great care in sharpening so as to not break the product off.

Should you get it?:

If you are looking for this particular color, then yes but it is probably wiser to save up the money and spend it on a retractable liner or a more higher end liner to get the money's worth. Overall it is a great product, but is it worth the price? Maybe not.

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