Review: Revlon Super lustrous lipstick in Black Cherry

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Hello everyone,
Sorry I was unable to upload this post yesterday. I haven't been feeling well. As you all know I went to Srina Palace earlier this month and I purchased this Revlon Lipstick among other products ( ). I have been purchasing a lot of makeup online recently but I just wanted to check out what makeup stores here had to offer, so that I can share them with you. I also wanted to create some fall makeup looks using drugstore products. I placed my order for two shades of the L. A. Girl matte pigment gloss ( ) which I thought would be great drugstore lip colors for fall as well. I was a little impatient in waiting for them to arrive so I decided to check out some other drugstore products that were of a berry/ wine color. That's when I came across an old video by Jaclyn Hill who wore this lipstick and I thought the color was just too gorgeous. So when I actually found this at Srina Palace, I was over the moon. This is in the color No. 301- Blackcherry and it costs Rs. 1055. 


The packaging is in black with the gold band around it that carries the name of the brand. This might not be the most attractive packaging, but for me black and gold is just a classic combination, so I have nothing bad to say about it. The lid is quite sturdy and fits properly. The color is visible only through the top transparent part of the lid. Luckily for me, there was a sample in the counter that I could swatch, just to make sure it was the right choice.

The color of the lipstick is actually more of a deep wine color with purple undertones. It actually looks darker in the tube than when I actually apply it. Can I just say that I love the color. The color is build-able so you can go as light or as dark as you want. I like the creamy formula. As you know, I love my matte lipsticks but this lipstick is really creamy and glides on smoothly. It has actually made me think about getting some more lipsticks in a creme finish. It is also free of any scent, so this will be ideal for those of you who do not like scented lipsticks.

Now here's to the not-so-good aspects of the lipstick. I made the mistake of not exfoliating and not using a lip balm prior to applying this, so when I first wore it, it did settle on the fine lines of my lips. It looked somewhat streaky which as you would imagine is not a very pleasant look. The lipstick also does not last a long time, I would say it lasted around 3 hours and started wearing off after breakfast.

Tip: Always pair this with a lip liner and if you do find a lip liner that goes with this shade please let me know in the comments below. Thanks in advance :)


Should you get it?:

If you're on a budget and you are looking for a pretty wine shade to add to your fall makeup collection then, yes. For those of you who are looking for something that's long lasting and do not want to deal with touch-ups to cover up the streaks left by the lipstick, it's best to look the other way.
Have you tried this lipstick or any of the other Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks? If you have, please leave a comment down below or on my Facebook page because I'd love to know what you thought of it.

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