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Hello everyone,
It's finally Friday and that means another blog-post by yours truly. Back in September I placed an order on a website called Ikatehouse for some beauty products. I thought I'll quickly review the website today, so you could check out their website and purchase products from them without any hesitation. I'm a bit cautious when it comes to purchasing items online. I always search for the most reliable stores/ websites online, for example, ASOS. In case you wondered why I buy beauty products from ASOS, that's one of the major reasons. It's also quite difficult to find stores that ship internationally (especially to Sri Lanka) at affordable shipping rates. So I was quite happy to discover this website. 

I got to know about this website from Jeeshan of BeautyDosage, and in one of her blog posts she said that Ikatehouse was one of her personal favorite websites to shop for drugstore makeup products.There weren't that many reviews of the website and it isn't as well-known as, say Beauty Joint or FeelUnique. So I waited a good while before I actually felt safe in placing my order. 

In terms of the products they have a good selection of drugstore products from brands like E.L.F., Jordana, L.A. Girl, and Nyx. Also the products are available at low discounted prices. The L. A. Girl Matte Pigment Glosses are available for $3.99 as opposed to the retail price of $5.00 and Nyx Slim Lip Pencils for $2.99 as opposed to the retail price of $3.50. Besides makeup, they also stock eyelashes, makeup brushes, hair accessories and jewelry. 
I chose to try out some products by L. A. Girl because many bloggers were raving about them, especially the Matte Flat Finish Pigment Glosses. So I picked two of the Matte Flat Finish Pigment Glosses in the colors Rebel and Secret. I felt like these are perfect for fall since they are more darker in color. I've wanted to get Rebel ever since I saw itsjudytime apply it in her first impression review video. It's a beautiful purple-plum shade. Now this isn't a shade of lip color I would go for normally, but ever since I started my blog, I've become quite brave in venturing out and trying different shades than the usual natural/nude lip colors. 
The other shade I picked was Secret because as you know, I love red lip colors. I got it because it's a slightly deeper shade which I thought will be a better pick for a fall makeup look than other reds I own like my Rimmel one in Kiss of life ( ). 
I also got a L. A. Girl creme lipstick. The price of it was $1.99. It was so difficult to pick a shade because I loved the shade Forbidden Love as well. In the end I got the shade Love Letters which an orange-coral color. The shade is so pretty and I think would be perfect for day time wear (since it's a more summer shade than fall). 
The total price of all three products was $9.97 and since it was labor day I got a discount of $1.10. The shipping prices vary and since all my products were under the $9.97 price tag, the USPS shipping price rate was $9.95. I placed my order on the 8th of September and it was supposed to reach me within 2-3 weeks. I received the package on 14th of October which is a little late but I'm starting to think it is normal because I faced the same situation with my ASOS parcels. I sent Ikatehouse a message on Instagram and they did respond to it. That is a check mark for customer service. 
I got too excited and unwrapped everything before I remembered that I was yet to take a picture to post here, so re-wrapped this to take the photo. Clearly my wrapping skills aren't that good.
The package arrived wrapped in this very pretty pink tissue paper and all the makeup products were sealed inside a plastic bag- the pigment glosses separately from the creme lipstick. I have to say I was seriously impressed because I was not expecting that. That shows that they take product safety very seriously. So all in all I am very happy with my shopping experience on Ikatehouse and I would definitely recommend the website to those of you who want to try some affordable drugstore makeup products.

Do let me know your thoughts on Ikatehouse if you've purchased from them in a comment down below. 


Much love,

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  1. Thanks for the review. A friend told me about, and I too am leary of online makeup purchases. However after searching and reviewing comments I will make a purchase from Ikatehouse. again thanks.

    1. Glad to hear that my review helped you out! Have fun shopping! :) Xx Mandy


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