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Hello everyone,
Welcome to 'Fridays with Mandy' YAY! Okay this is the most enthusiastic I've been in a while-since last Saturday actually, when I was looking forward to Woodstock. Anyway, I thought I'll make my Fridays more interesting, and hopefully yours too. I usually upload my blog posts every Friday but more recently, I've kind of not done that. So starting this October, you will get to see more posts from me on Fridays. Also I feel like I ramble a lot on my reviews which some of you may not like. So from now on I'll try and save that up for Fridays. Friday Friday gettin' down on Friday *Awkward silence*

Okay today's post is going to be about my day yesterday, which was Thursday, so maybe I need to rethink the title. Thursdays with Mandy doesn't sound quite right though. (Even though Blogger thinks it's Thursday, it's actually Friday for us here.) Anyway, I thought I'll share with you how my day went and what I got.

 So first we went to Odel to get some clothes for dad, but I couldn't go past the new The Body Shop store without checking out their products. I have never used anything from them, so I was a bit reluctant to get anything related to facial care, but I did have a look at the products and they looked pretty amazing. Next I checked out their body butters which they are famed for. Sadly for me, they did not fit my budget for the month. They did have a 20% off discount on their shower gels, so I picked the Wild Argan Oil shower gel. The smell is just so enticing, I knew I had to get it. The original price of it was Rs. 1250, which may be a little more than you would pay for any other shower gels in the market. I will post a review on this, but I used it last night and my gosh, I can already tell you that I am in love. It smells so good and it is just so moisturizing. I cannot rave about this product enough. 

Next visit was to Srina Palace. I went in looking for a couple of things and ended up getting four products only. The first product that I picked up was the Garnier BB cream. I've never used BB creams before, so I don't quite know if this was the right pick. The packaging of the product is a lot different from the ones I've seen on Instagram. It says it has SPF 24 and UVA/ UVB protection so I thought I'll give this a go. It was Rs. 850.

I wanted to see if they had some Maybelline products like their Fit Me foundation and they didn't. I asked for their Lash Sensational Mascara because it's featured on both Zoella's and Tanya Burr's makeup stashes. They didn't have that either. They only had the Colossal one. This situation reminded me of when baby lips came out and they had such a variety at first and now they just have a couple of the Electro pop ones. Apart from the Maybelline products, I also asked for the Essence blushes and their bronzer which they didn't have either. When I checked they had just one highlighter left. I did swatch some of the Essence lipsticks and they were so creamy. So I'm definitely hoping to pick some up during my next trip. But overall the trip was a bit disappointing. Hopefully they will update their stocks soon. 

I ended up getting a blush by Jordana in the shade no. 39 Cinnamon Spice. It was Rs. 490 which is very affordable. Cheers to affordable beauty products! They had a couple of blushes but I really loved the color of this one. I thought it would be perfect for some fall/ winter makeup looks. I swatched their bronzers and did not like them too much. Their matte lipstick in Chocolate was beautiful though. You know how I feel about their matte lipsticks.

The next item I picked up was the lashes by Basic Care. I own a lot of items from Basic Care and I love them dearly. I feel like their brushes and beauty tools are really good and worth the price. I have used their lashes before and since they are reusable I decided to pick this one. I usually go for the normal looking ones but this time I just thought, why not be more bold, so I got these in sort of a cross- hatch pattern. I remember picking these up before for the price of Rs. 450 but now they are Rs. 530. 

The next product is what I'm most excited about. It is the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Creme in no. 301- Blackcherry. I was in search for a good lipstick to create a fall look. The ones I saw were a lot more high end like the Charlotte Tilbury one from the Matte Revolution Range which is called Glastonberry. Seriously the color is just gorgeous and I so desperately want it. But I haven't seen a lot of affordable ones so as usual I turned to other bloggers/ vloggers for some help in that department. I then came across Jaclyn Hill's video where she used this lipstick and I thought the color was just gorgeous. The price of this is Rs. 1055 which is a lot cheaper than what I paid for their matte balm ( ). 
That's Johny btw! And this is moments before what would have been a complete disaster.
After we finished shopping we went to Vani Vilas for lunch and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The food was served on a banana leaf and it was all vegetarian. I have to say I didn't expect the food to taste as good as it did. We also had เทƒเท€්. I have to say I was never a fan of sago and I absolutely refused to try it but after some urging I decided to have a spoonful and ended up loving it. It was quite the experience and this first timer will be returning for some more later. 

So that sums up yesterday for me. Hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you did, do check out my Facebook page as well. Don't forget to subscribe via e-mail, just so you don't miss a single post.

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