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Hello everyone,
Today I'm reviewing the Kind to Eyes- eye makeup remover by Simple. I purchased this product from ASOS when I did my haul last August. I previously tried their face wash gel which I reviewed earlier ( ). I've heard a lot of good things about the brand, but when it came to this remover, I saw that a lot of people had issues with it, especially with irritation. Since I already loved their face wash gel I was willing to take the risk with this one.The price tag of this was just $5.42 which I thought was very cheap for a makeup remover. So here's my experience with the Simple Kind to Eyes eye makeup remover.

Claims :

Has Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5/ Removes waterproof mascara/ No oil/ No artificial perfume/ No color/ No harsh chemicals/ Dermatologically tested and Approved 

Packaging : 

It is basically a clear bottle with a green lid. The lid has the brand name engraved on it. The claims and the ingredients are listed on the back of the bottle. The bottle is recyclable. The amount of product in the bottle is 125 ml.

My experience :

The skin around my eyes is quite oily but I found this product to be easy and gentle on my eyes. I tested it on my hand before I applied it on my eyes. There is no perfume or color. It is not an oil-based formula so it may not be suitable for removing certain long-wear products. I put some of the product on a cotton wool pad and then dabbed and wiped away my makeup (Simple advises to dab around the eye without rubbing).

 I tested the product with some of the eye makeup I use often (with the exception of the Rimmel Kajal- I will upload my review to tell you exactly why but I'll leave the links down below if you want to read some reviews on the other products). Also I do realize that the Jordana product is a blush but I love using it as a crease color, so please don't judge. :)

The swatches on the left were swiped away with water so that we can clearly see a difference. The Essence Super fine liner did not do well with water and neither did the Essence mascara. The Rimmel Kajal too was removed for the most part and so was the Jordana blush. Both left some residue which meant that they needed to be removed with something other than water. The Rimmel Eye shadow stick and the Maybelline Kajal were the winners of the water test and did not budge.

The Simple makeup remover got rid of all of the makeup without any residue very easily. 

Note that this is tested on the back of my hand. On the eyes, I needed a little more product and time to remove away the excess product of both the Maybelline Kajal and Rimmel Eye shadow stick. But I'm not complaining. Overall for that price tag, I think it does a fantastic job in removing my eye makeup.  

Have you tried any products by Simple ? Do leave a comment down below or on my Facebook page ( ) if you have, I would love for you to share your experiences.

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