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Hello everyone,

Hope you enjoyed Valentine's Day, I certainly did enjoy mine. Basically my university friends came up with the idea of drawing lots and giving a present to the person we each picked. Kind of like a secret santa, but a Valentine version of it. Shall we call it- Secret cupid? So we opened our presents yesterday and I was really glad that my friend loved what I got her-which was Paper Towns by John Green. She had told me earlier that she wanted to read the book before watching the movie. So she was thrilled when she saw the book. As for me, I received a set of makeup brushes and mehendi which was really sweet and thoughtful. A girl can never have too many makeup brushes!

 Anyway as I mentioned in my previous post I have been shopping a lot over the past couple of months and I promised you a post on my haul, so let's get started. I managed to pick up a few items from K-zone during their December sales. We had a really fun day shopping and eating 'achcharu' (pickles) and just walking around to see what's new at the stores.

The first item I picked up was this white top. I had seen a similar one on ASOS which was sold out before I could even hit the 'add to bag' button.

I love the detailing and bohemian feel to it, especially with 70s looks being more popular now. I love how versatile this piece is especially since I can pair this with something as casual as cargo pants or with a more feminine floral skirt.  This was Rs. 650. 

Next thing I picked up is this dress from the same store. As you know blue is my favorite color, which is pretty much the reason behind getting this. I really like the fabric too, it is so lightweight and comfortable to wear. It's the perfect length as well. I think this would be a good holiday look. This can even be paired with a jacket-say a black leather one and some ankle boots to switch up the feel of it. I'm not sure if this was Rs. 650 or Rs. 690, either way I didn't spend more than Rs.700 on this one.

I then walked past one store twice before picking up this white top. Somehow I always pick up whites, blacks and greys- I 'm not even sure why. I adore the back detailing of the top especially the gold buttons *insert heart emoji here*. It is a peplum top but the material is longer in the back so it adds another dimension to the shape of it. This was just Rs. 460 which was unbelievable. 

I also picked up this dressing gown which is made from a jersey material. It is so soft and comfortable to wear when just lounging on the sofa watching tele and eating junk food-which to be honest is what I do half my spare time. Now that I'm thinking about it, I wish I had gotten more of these. This was around Rs. 450 as well.

Next stop-Hameedias. I picked up a skirt from Hameedias for Rs. 1999.

I really like the color of the skirt and the floral pattern. I think it's a great transition piece from Winter to Spring (despite the fact that we don't have cold winters here, it's great to mix in cool tones from the Winter season trends) It is lightweight and very comfortable to wear. I love how this complements the top I got earlier.

I then went shopping for a birthday outfit. I found a cute little store called Marni. They have really pretty dresses for every occasion. Needless to say I loved the color of the dress I picked up. I also liked the mesh look of the material and the detailing around the waist. It has a slit that is not too long which is perfect for me. I think this kind of dress would be great for both day and night time outings. I absolutely love it!

The next dress I picked up was this pink one which I was hesitant to get because of the fabric. It looks absolutely gorgeous with the floral detailing on the net fabric. Imagine this with some bohemian braids on-it's perfect! I can't wear this piece for too long though as it tends to irritate my skin which is a bummer.

To pick up some jewelry, I went to one of my favorite stores-Chamathka and picked up a ring-which I managed to loose within two weeks. Sigh. But I highly recommend their store if you do want to purchase good quality jewelry for affordable prices. 

I also picked up this pair of sunglasses at Odel basically for free because we used up all the points on our loyalty card. I really liked two pairs at the store, this and a black one with gold detailing. And to my surprise, I finally saw a pair of round sunglasses. By the way, why do we not have more of those here? They were a little too big for my tiny head so I opted to go with this pair of turtle-shell sunglasses. I really like the retro look of them. Again I saw a pair exactly like these ones on ASOS ( Sadly one of the nose pads came off though and I still haven't got it fixed.

I also purchased a love bangle (No not from Cartier). I wanted one for so long but I felt like everyone was wearing them, so I kind of put it off. Then I saw a few on the Royal & Regal Instagram page and I knew, I just knew I had to get one. They have three colors-silver, gold and rose gold. I picked up one in rose-gold. My main concern buying this was the fit of it. I have the tiniest wrists so everything I put on my hands look massive. So I was really glad when these fit me perfectly well. I had never ordered from Royal & Regal and when my package was a little late to arrive I went into panic mode. But they responded to my endless questions and responded back quickly-so thumbs up for the product quality and great customer service. Added bonus-they also ship internationally!
Click the picture for the link.

 Thank you for reading this post and let me know in a comment below which items out of the ones I picked up are your favorites.

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Much love,

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  2. I absolutely love both of the white tops! Especially the first one!
    And the Navy Blue Mesh dress is simply gorgeous!
    And now I know from where you got the love bangle ;) :P

    1. Thanks darling! Hehe yeah go check out Royal & Regal they have some really hip & cool stuff! :) Xx

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