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So guys, I made a pact. A pact that I would not buy any makeup until I went through at least half of my collection. You guessed it, it didn't last too long. because after two months, I broke the pact and bought myself a lipstick. The lesson learned? I've got no self-control when it comes to makeup. Anyway, I've been lagging behind on my posts here so I thought I would freshen things up and review the Zingara Quad by ColourPop. This was part of the fall edit of 2016, which is so long ago, and I bet you're wondering why bothered to review this now. This quad has one of the brightest, most pigmented red shades I've come across in any eye shadow palette/ collection, so I thought this review was worth putting out. Besides, four eyeshadows for $18? You just can't beat that price!

Price: $18


The four pots arrived in a little pull-out, cardboard box with a burnt orange shell design with little gold insects painted across it. As pretty as it is, truthfully, I won't be keeping this. The Super shock eyeshadows come in white pots with a design embossed in them, which reminds me of a beehive. Bear in mind that all of the shades are limited edition, although you still can purchase them from the ColourPop website.


Left to Right: Jinxie, Elixir, Paradox, Seeker
There are four shades included in this collection: one pearlized shade, one satin and two mattes (sort of). In general, the Super Shock shadows are very creamy in texture but resembles a powder finish after application. All eye-shadows were tested for 7 hours and they lasted very well with no creasing.

 Jinxie- described as a soft pearlized gold by Colourpop, To me, it's more of a Créme colour than gold. This one was very soft and creamy on first touch. It has very good pigmentation and can be built up. I love using this as a highlighter shade but it's works very well as a lid shade as well.

Paradox- described as a warm, satin, burgundy red and it's exactly that with a slight cherry-pink undertone! It's my favourite shade in the collection, particularly because I haven't come across a red as distinct and packed with pigment as this. Usually reds are messy to work with, but this would not budge after setting within minutes which is great.

Elixir- described as a matte terracotta. This one was a little harder in texture in comparison to the other which is probably due to the fact that it is matte. It had good pigmentation, not exactly on the level of Paradox though. I personally don't mind that as I use this more as a crease colour than a lid colour.


Seeker-described as a matte warm reddish brown and yes, the reddish undertone is clearly distinct. Although it is described as a matte, it was more soft to touch than Elixir and had somewhat of a sheen like Paradox which is of course satin finish. So I will consider this more as a satin shade than matte. This one had some crumbles when I picked it up with my fingers and as expected, there was a little fallout. Nothing troublesome though and certainly nothing that would stop me from continuously using it.

Top: Elixir, Bottom left: Paradox, Bottom Right: Seeker
Lid colour- Paradox, Crease Colour- Elixir, Lower lash line- Seeker, Inner corner and Brow bone highlight- Jinxie

Would I recommend it?:

Yes, I do think the quad is worth the money, particularly if you're looking for a bold and vibrant red (Paradox) and a beautiful pearlized highlight shade (Jinxie). Besides there are so many looks that can be created with each one of these. I particularly enjoyed how long-lasting and crease-proof these were.

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Let me know what you think about the Zingara Quad if you've tried it, in a comment down below.

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