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I think we've established, rather firmly, that I am obsessed with lipsticks. Over the past couple of years, I have gifted myself different hues of lipsticks from nudes to my beloved reds. So it would come as no surprise that everyday I would switch up my lipstick, but go for the same old eye makeup: beige eyeshadow with mascara. It was a rut that I desperately needed to get out of, and it was at this point I saw the Stila Perfect Me, Perfect Hue palette.

Price: $39.00
Price on BeautyBay: $32.70 (When I bought it)


Curated to work with your skin tone, but each palette is wearable on all skin tones.  Choose the palette closest to your skin tone for a natural look or one level up for a more dramatic look.  The possibilities are endless!

Color True Pigments look exactly as you would expect on your skin.  What you won't see?  Ashy or unnatural tones.

78% pigment saturation offers incredibly vivid, long-lasting color.

Triple milled powders and mica allow for exceptionally smooth application - no need for a primer!


Excuse the glitch on the upper right side, I might have accidentally placed my straightening iron on the palette. The packaging is in gold with a leopard print, which I think is a quirky addition. There were no chipped-nail-drama in opening this one up. This palette has a ginormous mirror, which I absolutely love. I've broken the mirror I keep on my dresser, so this is the one I've been using for the whole of last year. It is nice and compact which is very convenient, for a constant traveler like myself.

The medium/ tan palette comes with five eye shadows and two cheek colors.


Each of the five eyeshadows have good pigmentation and blends well.

*Curious (base)- Described as a soft nude. It is neutral toned, matte, pale pink shade. I love using this color to set my eyeshadow base. It is a little powdery compared to the other shades. It needs to be packed on to get a good color payoff if you're using this shade on its own on the eyes.

*Captivating (highlight)- Described as a neutral champagne. It is a pale pink shade with shimmer. This is a very pretty highlight shade to use on the inner corners of my eyes, and especially on the brow bone. It has good pigmentation and blends really nicely.

*Feisty (crease)- Described as a mid-tone red brown. It is a warm, matte, brown shade. This is my favorite brown shade I own out of all of my eyeshadows. It is a rich brown that is warm enough to compliment my skin tone. I love blending this on my crease, especially if I'm going for a brown smoky eye. A+ for how well this blends.

*Daring (lid)- Described as a deep rose with gold pearl. It is a rose gold packed with tons of shimmer. My favorite in the entire palette is this pretty rose gold. I love packing this all over my entire lid. This in my opinion has the best pigmentation, and you can tell this has been finely milled to perfection.There is a little fallout with Daring that is only if I pick up way too much product.

*Magnetic (liner)- Described as a deep plum. It is a warm, matte, deep purple shade. My favorite way to use this eyeshadow is to apply it close to my lower lash line. It adds a subtle pop of color and has incredible pigmentation for a matte purple. One problem I find in most other eyeshadows is that the reds and purple mattes do not have enough color payoff, which is so not the case with this one.

Overall each shade is incredibly soft to touch, applies and blends smoothly even without a primer. They last around 6 hours on my skin with little to no fading. Each color on the palette is wearable which is a major plus point. I dislike it when I get a palette and know in my heart that I'll never use that sky blue shade.

In terms of the blush colors, they are both very pretty everyday shades.

*Inspiring (blush)- Described as a coral brown. It is a bronze shade with a touch of shimmer. I have to admit I don't use it as much as the other blush color. On days, I opt for corals and oranges, I like mixing it with CCUK Compact powder to add some color to my face. It is a shimmer product, so I tend to use it very lightly, tapping off the excess, because it has really good pigmentation and it's very easy to pick up a lot of product without intending to do so. About that face shimmer, been there, done that and I'm positive I looked like Edward Cullen from Twilight.

*Mysterious (blush)- Described as a neutral- peach. It is a matte pink-mauve color.
This blush comes with the brand name engraved in the pan, a nice touch! Mysterious is quite similar to one of my favorite blushes, the Jordana blush in Cinnamon Spice but is more cool-toned and has more pink in it. The smallest details can create the biggest differences! I love how easy this product is to blend which is great when it comes to correcting my mistakes.

Both blush colors last around 7 hours on my skin, with minimal fading.

Wearing Curious as the base, Captivating mixed with Curious as a highlight, Feisty on the crease, Daring on the lids, and Magnetic on the lower lash line.

Wearing Curious as the base, Captivating mixed with Curious as a highlight, Feisty on the crease, Daring on the lids, and Magnetic on the lower lash line. 
P.S. That white highlight above the inner corners of my eyes wasn't intentional, it's a result of the BB cream I used. 
 Would I recommend it?:
100% . Go for it! This is a palette which is perfectly suitable for tan/ medium skin tones and I assure you, you'll make use out of each and every single shade. The quality and performance of the each eyeshadow and blush color certainly exceeded my expectations.

Wearing the slightest amount of Mysterious on my cheeks.
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Let me know what you think of the Stila Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Palette- Medium/ Tan. If you've tried it, feel free to leave a comment down below.

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