Everyday Makeup Routine| Fall Edition

11:12 PM

Okay, I'l admit it, the word 'routine' itself scares me because I am not a person who can stick to a routine for too long. After all what is life without a little zest? However for the past few weeks I've managed to go back to the same beauty products to kick start my day and I thought to myself that this routine isn't half as bad. For one thing, it helps me get out of the door looking positively more alive within 10 to 15 minutes. So after my morning tea, I sit down at my dresser and play Shake it off and start the day with a little moisturizer.

If I remember correctly it was back in August on my spontaneous trip to The Body Shop I picked up the Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet. I have been wanting this since last February, so imagine my delight when I was finally able to get my hands on it. Not only does this work as a moisturizer, in my opinion it works great as a face primer too. So I apply this and wait a minute or half to let my skin absorb it. 

As you probably already know, I love matte lipsticks. The common problem matte lip lovers face is drying, so in an attempt to eliminate that, I use a lip balm before I do the rest of my makeup, to allow time to work its magic. My favorite has been the Rose Petal Salve which I got from ASOS. This little balm works fantastic on dry patches as well. 

After that I dab on a little of the Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Normal/Dry Skin on my spots or blemishes. I got mine in the shade Natural Tan which is the closest to my skin color. On some days it's a good match but on most I have to do some serious buffing. I'm working with it for now til I get a more accurate shade. 

So after everything is nice and blended I set it with my Viana Compact Powder in the shade Harvest Beige. I mix a little of CCUK Compact Powder in Biscuit Glow (not pictured, because the compact is shattered) on the periphery of my face- the way you would normally use a bronzer. 

I then use the blush color of my Rimmel Sculpting Kit (Golden Bronze) which I reviewed recently on my blog. It works as both a blush and highlight for me- a win-win situation especially on Monday mornings. I also grab a pencil brush and do my nose highlight using the highlight in this palette.

With the face done I move on to the eyes. I am loving the gold-purple eye makeup look for fall. To start, I apply the Idol Eyes Eyeshadow Stick by Rimmel in the shade Rose Gold on the center of my lids. For the rest of my eye makeup I use my Stila Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Palette in Medium/Tan. I use the blush color Mysterious on my crease and blend in the shade Magnetic which is a fierce purple on my crease and the outer corners. I also add the brown shade, Feisty in the outer corners and on my lower lash line. I then use my favorite color of the palette, Daring which is a rose gold all over my eyelid and blend that in. The color is really brought to life by the eye shadow stick which acts as a base. I find that it brings out the brown in my eyes.

On my brows I use the Magic Brow by Lord & Berry. It combines three different shades to create a natural looking brow and I have to say I'm already obsessed with this. 
I love a good winged eye liner look, so I have been using the Jordana Fabu Liner to help me perfect the wings because getting them even can be a bit of a struggle sometimes. If you've seen my review you would know that it's not the best eyeliner to use without primer/ eye shadow. For this look, it does an okay job. 
I then apply a generous coating of the Rimmel Extra Super Lash- Lash Building Mascara. I skip the eyelash curler because this product curls my eyelashes for me, thanks to its curved wand.

With the eyes done, I line and fill my lips with the Lord & Berry Lipiner in the shade Nude. It is one of those, my-lips-but-better colors. I figure with the purple eyes the nude lip pairs better than a deeper and darker lip color. 

Et Voilà

 Let me know what products you use in your everyday makeup routine for fall, in a comment down below. 

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