Walking in Heels

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I love heels as much as the next person. I probably love looking at them more than actually walking in them. I personally find walking in sky high stilettos quite daunting. I've bought a pair of black ankle strap platform pumps a couple of years ago and probably wore it twice or thrice. I honestly believe I survived because of the strap on feature. So when I made my purchases this time, I made sure I lowered the effects of my ego and chose pairs I actually feel comfortable in. I'm warning you of the graphic content, but there's nothing worse than having to sweat through a party wondering when you're going to trip and break your neck.

So off I went to shoe heaven, a.k.a. Saffans in Nugegoda on Monday and duly picked up the two pairs of heels I wanted to go with the dresses I would be wearing for the event. The first pair are red kitten heels with red studs at the front. It reminded me of the Christian Louboutin pumps that were the rave a couple of years back, although the two are worlds apart in terms of quality and wear. They are made with a woven fabric which I haven't come across in many heels, so I found it pretty intriguing. The heel itself is quite petite like myself.

As I was looking around the store, my eyes quickly drifted towards an off-white faux suede pair with chunky heels. I figured these would not only be great for the gown but also would complement more comfort oriented clothing like jeans and t-shirts. Luckily for me chunky heels aren't unflattering anymore in the world of fashion, so I faced no resistance in opening up my wallet for them. Cleaning these will be stressful but I'm hoping they will cooperate and give me lots of wear time before I have to dump them. 

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Heels: Saffans Nugegoda
Jeans: Kelly Felder

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