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I feel like it has been ages since I last wrote a blog post. I took a little break from blogging because I started to feel somewhat overwhelmed. As you know I completed my degree in Psychology and Counseling last year, and I also work. I also feel like I didn't mention in my blog that I write articles relating to Fashion & Beauty every week for the YOUth magazine that is a feature of the Sunday Island. So things have been keeping me busy for the past couple of months. 

It is incredible to have opportunities to work and put my heart and soul into doing things I enjoy, but the flip side is that if I'm not careful enough I'll neglect my own well-being. Not to sound shallow, but it is exactly what happened with my skin care. I've been living on fast food and sugary drinks, and skipping on the skin care routine I had going for myself last November. All I could think of when I got home was my bed and being covered in my duvet and drifting off to sleep the second I closed my eyes. As a result of all of the above, my skin looked a lot less lively, dull, and everything negative you hear in a skin care advertisement that makes you want to make an instant purchase. 

Taking care of my skin, meant getting back to the products I know and trust will work for me, and also adjusting my diet. I'm not one for New Year's resolutions, but one of my goals for this year has been to cut down on sugary, carbonated drinks and I feel less weary and certainly a lot less bloated now. While it's a lot less fun that drinking colorful sodas, I have started to drink a lot more water. The fast food consumption though....I still have to find a replacement for Chinese rolls and Samosas. 

Since my morning skin care routine is just the Vitamin E Sorbet, and the Anti Imperfection Daily Solution, I thought it will be more interesting if I talk about my night time routine. I have been loving night-time showers and have gone back to my Dove Beauty Bar. 

I love using the Green Mint Cooling Foot Scrub by Spa Ceylon in the shower. I do realize that it isn't for everyday use, I still thought it's worth mentioning here. I use this every other day, when my feet need a little more attention. They become dry very, very easily which is something that I dislike, a lot. About the formula, they claim that it is " a natural purifying formula to soften, smoothen & revitalize feet" which I can completely attest to. 
Furthermore, "It contains lime peel, dark grape & volcanic minerals to help remove rough patches & hard skin, lightening discolorations. Peppermint & lemongrass essential oils to cool & refresh feet, controlling foot odor. Margosa & Virgin Coconut to nourish, soothe & relax  for total foot comfort." Sounds fantastic right? 

  My go-to moisturizer is the Coconut Body Butter by The Body Shop. As much as I love the Moringa Body Butter, I think this is just a little more hydrating. Comparatively, the Coconut Body Butter is thicker and takes longer to absorb but it keeps my skin hydrated for a lot longer. This works amazing especially on the more drier areas as it locks in the moisture. Since it takes longer to absorb I always make it a point to apply it at night. Also, can I just say that it smells incredible. It kind of smells like a Bounty, but I mean who doesn't want to smell like a Bounty 24/7? 

The Green Mint Cooling Foot Scrub and Green Mint Cooling Foot Relief by Spa Ceylon make up the perfect pair for clean, moisturized and deodorized feet. This smells fresh and heavenly and; owing to the coconut, almond and peppermint combination, it is not just cooling but also deodorizing. I love using this at night and on colder nights, putting socks on to make my feet feel softer in the morning. 

You already know of my love for the Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution by The Body Shop. 
I feel as if I do not have to rave about this product any more because I have spoken about how amazing this is over and over, so you can check out my review. I use a two to three drops of the product on my skin daily in the morning and at night. I was using this religiously back in November and my skin cleared up so well. Since I was slacking, the blemishes I had gotten since have become a little pesky to get rid of, so I am now going back to this because I know how effective it is.

I also have been enjoying the Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask by The Body Shop. As I stated before, I purely got this because the texture of the product was funny (What? It's a valid reason, okay?). It claims that it contains "cell-renewing Edelweiss stem cells and overnight, it moisturizes and replenishes for youthful looking skin". I love using this product, because it gives me a fresh face every morning, with a soft glow; yes it is noticeable. Since I have combination skin, I have to be extra careful with how much product I pick up. I only use the slightest amount on my cheeks and a little more on my forehead which is dry. If I feel like a applied too much, I dab with a clean towel, to remove the excess. I wouldn't recommend this for anyone who has oily skin/ acne. 

Last but not least, I use a generous amount of the Pink Lotus Almond Intensive Hand Cream by Spa Ceylon before I go to sleepI was first attracted to the pretty packaging of Spa Ceylon Handcreams as their designs incorporated cultural elements, which I quite liked. The best part about this product is that not only is it good outside but it is also fantastic inside, in terms of the quality of the hand cream. It keeps my hands moisturized longer than any other hand cream I've tried. I think the thicker consistency has something to do with it. I've tried their Ceylon Tea Ylang Handcream but I much prefer the Pink Lotus one, because to me it all comes down to the scent. I am not one for fruity shower gels and I specifically go for more earthy scents. In the same way, I like my hand creams to be fresh and light and not have a distinct piercing scent, if that makes any sense.

That covers my night time skin care routine. Let me know what products you use as a part of your night time skin care routine, in a comment down below.

P.S. Also I wanted to introduce you to Mr. Cactopus, who stung me as I photographed the products. 

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